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Monday, December 7th 2020
Friday, July 08 2016
Massey Ferguson 7700 Series Tractor Awarded

The newly released Massey Ferguson 7700 Series has taken the honors at Farm World 2016, awarded by the Tractor and Machinery Association (TMA) for Machine of the Year – Best Powered Machine, amongst a field of competitive tractors at the Lardner Park event held at Warragul.

MF 7700 Series tractors builds on the highly successful and award winning MF 7600 Series. The new range provides an outstanding choice of highly productive, straightforward and dependable tractors comprising innovative features which caught the attention of the TMA Judges.

A total of eight models offer maximum powers of 140hp to 255hp, providing a choice of three transmissions and two levels of specification. Engine Power Management (EPM), which provides up to 25hp extra power, is standard on all models taking maximum power to 270hp on the flagship MF 7726 model. 

Jared Hicks, TMA Judge and local machinery contractor, said there were a number of factors which gave the MF7700 the edge over the competition.  “Overall the MF7700 Series had a number of features which I thought were pretty good. The separate remote bank for the loader frees up the rear remotes for other implements while also allowing priority to the loader. The rear linkage maximum lift capacity is really quite good also at 9,950kg.”  “All round visibility for a tractor this size was also a feature that impressed and everything in the cabin is well laid out and comfortable. The tractor is also at a good price for the horsepower”, Jared says.

Attending Farm World on Behalf of AGCO Australia was John Horan, Massey Ferguson Product Manager who was pleased to accept the award as a confirmation of the MF 7700’s solid design and performance, which is the product of years of development at Massey Ferguson’s Beauvais facility in France.

“The MF 7700 has benefited from a proven pedigree established by the MF 7600 Series which won a number of awards including Machine of the Year, Tractor of the Year Golden Design Award as well as Gold Medals and numerous accolades across Europe. The MF 7700 Series is quickly earning a reputation for being powerful and versatile tractors that offer customers plenty of options in the mid to high horsepower categories.” John says.

Massey Ferguson has further refined this winning design and added new features that boost comfort and control, leading to even greater performance and productivity to further reduce overall ownership costs.

MF 7700 Series features

  • Latest technology six cylinder, 6.6 litre and 7.4 litre AGCO POWER engine, with Engine Power Management (EPM) generating 25hp extra power on all models
  • Unrivalled choice of Dyna-4, Dyna-6 semi-powershift or Dyna-VT continuously variable transmission (depending on model)
  • Electronic PTO speed selection on all Efficient and Exclusive models
  • High capacity – Permissible Gross Vehicle Weight increased by 12% allowing MF 7700 Series to carry larger loads and pull heavier trailers
  • New Massey Ferguson designed and built, maintenance-free front axle suspension offers high comfort
  • AGCOMMAND and latest Auto-Guide 3000 ready
  • Available in Essential and Efficient specifications to match all owners’ specific tasks and budgets
  • Higher hydraulic capacity and up to eight spool valves for excellent implement control

MF 7700 Series specifications

Model  Engine cyls/litres    Max Power (EPM)   Max Power    Transmission choice


MF 7714           6/6.6                 140hp               165hp               Dyna-4

MF 7715           6/6.6                 150hp               175hp               Dyna-6, Dyna-VT

MF 7716           6/6.6                 160hp               185hp               Dyna-6, Dyna-VT

MF 7718           6/6.6                 175hp               200hp               Dyna-6, Dyna-VT

MF 7720           6/6.6                 200hp               225hp               Dyna-6, Dyna-VT

MF 7722           6/7.4                 215hp               240hp               Dyna-6, Dyna-VT

MF 7724           6/7.4                 235hp               260hp               Dyna-6, Dyna-VT

MF 7726           6/7.4                 255hp               270hp               Dyna-6, Dyna-VT

Straightforward economic power

In 2008, Massey Ferguson was the first tractor manufacturer to introduce Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR), recognised as the most straightforward, reliable and economic method of achieving increasingly strict emission regulations. The MF 7700 Series tractors continue to be powered by six cylinder, AGCO POWER 6.6 litre and 7.4 litre engines, equipped with the latest SCR technology, which remains maintenance free. There is no Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). Larger catalysers remove more pollutants, but remain contained neatly within the same-sized enclosure, retaining the same excellent forward visibility.

Engine Power Management (EPM) provides up to an extra 25hp to improve efficiency and performance on the road and in the field. This is standard on all models, including those equipped with DynaVT transmission.  The Engines feature a new Engine Control Unit (ECU), with higher fuel injection pressure, an electronically controlled wastegate turbocharger and a new throttle valve.

Unrivalled transmission choice

The MF 7700 Series offers an unrivalled choice of transmissions which are perfectly matched to the engines and transmit more power to the wheels for maximum output.

The slick, easy to use Dyna-VT is available across the range from the MF 7715 upwards. Dyna-VT provides stepless speed changes and allows operators to select any combination of engine speed and forward speed to optimise output and the work quality. Engine revs can be set for the precise combination of power and torque required for the best work quality, resulting in optimum fuel economy and lower noise.

While offering the ultimate in sophisticated transmission operation, the Dyna-VT retains the familiar Power Control lever on the left of the dashboard, under the steering wheel, which is a feature on all tractors, regardless of transmission.

The rugged and well proven Dyna-6 transmission provides clutchless operation of six speeds in four ranges providing a total of 24 forward and 24 reverse speeds.  Economy is further improved by the Super Eco Dyna-6 transmission for the MF 7720 to MF 7726 models, which provides 40km/hr achieved at a remarkably low 1,500 engine rpm.

The highly efficient Dyna-4 transmission is standard on the MF 7714 and an option on the MF 7715 tractors, offering 16 forward and 16 reverse speeds with four Dynashift (powershift) speeds in four ranges, allowing road speeds of 40km/hr to be reached at an economical 1,880rpm. Electro-hydraulic control also provides clutchless range changes.

AutoDrive is a performance enhancing option on Dyna-4 and Dyna-6 and provides automatic changing of the six steps in fieldwork, as well as the ranges when in transport.

Using the SIS screen, operators can set the engine speed at which AutoDrive will automatically change gear and with the new ‘Auto’ setting the transmission will also automatically select the most appropriate gear.  All models with Dyna-VT transmissions are equipped with a four-speed PTO system providing of 540, 540E, 1,000 and 1,000E speeds.

A brake-activated neutral feature is standard on all the transmissions, simultaneously operating the clutch as the brake is pressed – easing the load on the operator, while increasing efficiency and convenience, particularly in loader operations.

Hydraulic power and control

MF 7700 Series tractors feature a new load-sensing, closed-centre pump, that come standard with a 110litres/min system and delivers up to 150 litres/min on Dyna-6 tractors, while Dyna-VT models provide up to 190 litres/min. All load-sensing models have decompression levers on the spool valves for easy coupler connection and removal.

Up to four rear spool valves can be specified. When a front linkage is specified additional valves are fitted - one for the front linkage and one or two for front couplers.

New dependable front axle suspension

Massey Ferguson has designed and built a new front axle suspension system specifically for the MF 7700 Series to further boost operator comfort as well as increase dependability. Completely maintenance free, the suspension employs double acting rams, which provide 30% more travel than previous designs.

The rams are attached directly to the axle and the front axle support. This straightforward set-up, without any complex linkages, combines comfort with reliable operation. At the same time it also increases maneuverability.

Up front there are also new mono blocks providing 900kg or 1,500kg of ballast. These compact blocks restrain the overall tractor length and also offer the facility to fit further wafer weights.

Even more cab comfort and control

Operators will also appreciate the new, clear dashboard. The new colour display provides better visibility during the day and at night, making it easier to use the SIS – Set Up and Information Screen.

All Efficient models are equipped with the easy to use Command Control Armrest, which operates a range of frequently used functions. The Essential versions have a longer console  which houses the controls.

The multi-function Joystick, which is an option on all models, provides press button shuttle control, as well as operating the hydraulic spools and/or a loader. It can also be used to change forward speeds and direction.

To ease turning on the headland, Speedsteer reduces the number of steering wheel revolutions needed to turn the wheels from lock-to-lock.

All the MF 7700 Series come with the option of factory-fitted wiring ready to connect up the latest Auto-Guide 3000 automatic steering and AGCOMMAND systems.  The recently introduced ‘Go Mode’ on Auto-Guide 3000 provides a fast set-up and enables users to choose between four steering paths – A-B line, A+ heading, Centre Pivot and curved lines. AGCOMMAND Telemetry improves fleet management, machine monitoring and security while simplifying record keeping and job reports. No software is required because it’s accessed through a secure, mobile friendly webpage.

Small details make a big difference

The MF 7700 Series is packed with small details that make big differences for operators, with the possibility to set the flashing beacon lights to come on automatically when the tractor is on the road and is fitted with automatic sensor lights to get you to your door after a long day.  

When the tractor is finally parked up for the night owners can protect their investment with the option of a unique key - simple, cost effective crime prevention.

For more information on the new MF7700 Series tractors, contact your local dealer, Lockyer Farm Machinery  or




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